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Building façades are just material, unless they are made by Alpolic.
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What differentiates ALPOLIC, the brand, is the commitment and determination of the people behind the material. They work tirelessly to ensure quality performance and that the end result is as the architect envisioned. We developed a tagline to encompass this commitment: Let’s Build. Now they needed a website to bring that tag to life.



Following completion of new brand positioning and a new campaign for ALPOLIC, Symmetri set out to create a new website for ALPOLIC Materials, designed around three key strategies: Inspire architects and designers to envision new aesthetic possibilities for their projects; Make inspiration easily accessible, with highly visual examples of ALPOLIC Materials used in architectural projects around the world; Build the technical environment needed to minimize server response and page load times while providing better support for mobile devices, enhanced security and simplified ongoing maintenance.

Getting to meaningful interactions.
We created a brand idea with a look and feel that was drastically different than that of competitors. It was as much about the architect and their vision as it was about the products that helped bring that vision to reality. And the results spoke for themselves.
One month after launch, the website garnered 176 sample requests – an increase of 21% from the previous month. Five months after launch, total site traffic was up 17%. Year-over-year results for the same time produced a 22% increase in sample requests. Quote requests increased 75%, revealing a strong interest among architects to specify the ALPOLIC materials that inspire them.