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Capsa Healthcare is a world leading manufacturer of mobile computer workstations, medical carts, medication management systems and pharmacy automation solutions for adult care. They engaged Symmetri to rebrand the organization in the marketplace, developing a plan that would leverage the equity of recently acquired Rubbermaid Healthcare today, while positioning the Capsa Healthcare organization for long-term growth.

The strategy for the new website focused heavily on reinforcing its new brand promise: Elevating performance, every day. The site was organized around its four primary product categories as research told us that was the most logical way that customers and potential customers searched for information. The user experience was designed to reinforce cleanliness and ease-of-use of the products.


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Symmetri needed to establish a new brand identity for Capsa Healthcare while not losing site of the equity built by Rubbermaid Healthcare within the acute care market, nor the values that made Capsa Solutions the market leader in the long-term care space. The new brand ensures that customers feel a consistent experience with the previous brands and the new Capsa Healthcare brand.
High organic search traffic was a critical objective for the new redesign. With Capsa’s name and URL change, from Capsa Solutions to Capsa Healthcare, the website saw drops in most key search terms. Within less than two months, the new site was back in the number 1 position for its most important term: medication carts.