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Schawk, Inc. has evolved from a premedia agency into a leading integrated brand management agency that helps create, sell, produce and protect major brands on five continents. To increase sales of its services upstream to global CPG, retail and pharmaceutical companies, they needed a major rebranding of its Brandimage, Anthem, and Schawk agencies under a newly created parent company, SGK.

Key to the success of the SGK rebranding, the company needed an exciting, informative, beautiful new website to introduce SGK, represent its multiple companies and clarify the services offered by each to enable end-to-end Brand Performance. To accomplish this, the site was organized around an “equation” that sets the overall tone for the website: Desirability + Profitability = Brand Performance.


Getting to meaningful interactions.
The brand strategy was meant to create belief that SGK could handle more than pre-media and could be a strategic brand integrator. We achieved this by thinking about a website as making a splash with color pallet and bold imagery. This was an unexpected brand reset for those who had traditionally worked with Schawk.
SGK has been repositioned as a global leader in brand development and deployment services, with clients representing many of the world’s top brands. The SGK website tells a bigger story and offers clear pathways to help clients find the exact brand services they’re looking for. Currently, Brand Performance is the knowledge graph on Google when that key phrase is searched.