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4 Ways to Create Successful Facebook Video Content

In November, I traveled to Chicago's West Loop neighborhood to attend Social Media Week. For four days, some of the brightest minds in the industry shared their tips and tricks to being a successful marketer, and now I want to share that knowledge with you. This post is part of a series recapping lessons I took from the conference.

One of the most talked about topics at Social Media Week was the value and growth of Facebook video.

Facebook Creative Lead, G. Andrew Meyer, gave a high-level overview of video advertising in today’s feed-based mobile social platforms. These are some of the insights he shared:

We need to be thinking video-first.

According to Meyer, there's been an 800% increase in video views on Facebook since 2015, and those numbers are expected to increase as video becomes an even bigger trend in 2017. Needless to say, the value of Facebook video is incredibly high right now.

In order to create great videos, marketers need to be fast. On average, a video has about two seconds to capture a user's attention before they decide whether to move on.

Traditionally, marketers told stories through a narrative arch; a build-up that led to a reveal at the end. That runs completely contrary to how people watch on mobile, which means our job as marketers is now to think of storytelling in a whole new way.

Meyers provided some tips on how we can do this:

  • Begin videos with a dynamic product shot, that way, if nothing else, you're getting brand awareness out of the ad.
  • Add text overlays that become part of the visual stories (85% of Facebook users watch videos without sound).
  • Add an initial provocation to spark curiosity.
  • Explore the use of Cinemagraphs to catch people's attention.

To help spark your creativity, you can find a list of 10 excellent examples of video marketing on Facebook here, via Hubspot.

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You can watch G. Andrew Meyer’s full presentation by activating your Insider Membership at http://www.socialmediaweek.org.