Pique Interest on Pinterest

We all know Pinterest is great for meal prepping with mason jars and flipping through pictures of the fanciest bathrooms on the planet. However, it can also serve as a valuable marketing tool for your business.

It’s time to infuse your B2B marketing strategy with some visual interest on Pinterest.

Show Others How You See Yourself

Creating boards that are specific to your industry is a great way to communicate with consumers in a simple, visual way. It also can demonstrate who you are as a business. Curate infographics, data charts, eBooks, product pages, blog posts and videos that interest your customers. Even a simple quote board with inspirational thoughts from other influencers in your industry can help you connect with users. Pinterest allows you to present your business in a new and highly visual way, so take advantage of the opportunity to showcase your brand uniquely.  

Give Users Something Memorable

Pinterest is an addictive platform. Users often spend hours sifting through content, and the nature of this beast can be especially beneficial for your business. Where other sites need followers, Pinterest users are just searching for content to share with groups, which offers a direct line to engagement.

Source: Watchers on the Wall

If you hear a piece of information, three days later you’ll only recall 10 percent of it. However, by adding a picture, you’ll remember 65 percent. It’s clear that visual content matters, and Pinterest is the perfect platform to tell your brand’s story in this manner.

Build Friends. Build Traffic.

With this platform, every single pin includes a link that brings the user back to the original source. By using Pinterest, you’ll have more inbound links bringing users to your website. In addition, as more people share your content on the platform, the greater your reach.

Encourage current employees, customers and prospective partners to follow you on Pinterest. The more you build your audience, the greater the reward.

Give Your Brand Real Personality

Social media gives your business an opportunity to humanize itself, and Pinterest is an especially useful platform. To showcase your brand’s personality, designate a board for more light-hearted pins. Create a board dedicated to industry-related comics and cartoons to connect with your audience. Making your brand more relatable helps instigate greater trust.  

Pinterest is a tool, just like others in your B2B marketing arsenal, and it’s a great place to show some personality while engaging with a particular type of consumer. While it shouldn’t be the cornerstone of your strategy, Pinterest can offer several unique and valuable benefits.

The great part about hiring an agency to help with your social media efforts is the experience they have dealing with different issues. If you have questions about social media or are looking for an agency with experience to do the heavy lifting, we would love to hear from you