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Q&A with Senior Account Executive, Stephanie Campbell

Why did you first get into marketing?

I first became interested in marketing back in grade school when I became a brand name lover. There were a few brands that I was just obsessed with and because of that I started paying more attention to what and how those companies were promoting themselves. Even at a young age I tried to understand exactly what it was that they were doing that made me so gosh-darn brand loyal. My interest grew in college when I realized I could be a part of it, and get paid.


How is working for B2B companies different than B2C?

In B2B there is more involved in the buying and selling process affecting marketing, and making it more complex than B2C. But, B2C brands usually have a little more fun!


What branding elements should clients consider when entering the digital space?

Everything in the digital space should ooze the brand’s personality and identity, the same as it does in the traditional or print world. Personality being the way the brand communicates/messages; identity being the way it visually represents itself (design). From the profile look/feel and “voice” of a social media account to the look/feel and messaging on a e-blast to the company’s website; every single touchpoint should be a true representation of the brand’s personality and identity, or they risk hurting their brand equity.


Being a recent transplant to Chicago, what is your favorite and least favorite things about this city?

Most favorite? Being able to walk to Lake Michigan, being around a more diverse crowd of people, the infinite amount of restaurants and the shopping, of course! Least favorite? The commute to work and the traffic. And being farther from my family and Northern Michigan – one of the greatest places on Earth!