Q&A with Account Exec Jenna Fletcher: On How Marketing is Shifting & Her Singing Career

I’m accustomed to receiving “marching orders” from account managers – but that’s only my perspective. What else do account managers do day-to-day?

As with anything, every day is different for an account manager (which I love!). I would say my main tasks are serving as a voice for the client when working with our internal team and being an advocate for our agency’s perspective when reviewing our work with the client. I enjoy working with both the internal and external teams to accomplish a goal ? it’s a very rewarding feeling to see a collaborative effort come to fruition and succeed in the marketplace. As an account manager, you become the “keeper of the project” and are responsible for answering any questions that may come up, both from our agency or from the client.

I also spend a majority of my time communicating with our clients – whether it’s updating them on the status of a project, providing website and email analytics or asking questions to ensure their requests are understood and delivered upon.

Finally, if there’s time, I try to read related industry news articles or update myself on new marketing trends. It’s important to stay up-to-date on what may be affecting our clients’ businesses; there may be a piece of information or tidbit of knowledge that can make a big difference in an upcoming project.

What are some of the challenges your clients face? What does Symmetri do to help them?

I think the challenges that our clients face are the same challenges all marketing teams face – where does the end customer get information? How do they decide on one product or service versus another? What are they looking for when purchasing a product or service? Although we work with B2B clients, those challenges translate across almost all industries.

At Symmetri, we try to provide an outside perspective by reviewing and understanding industry trends. Many times, other companies are working through similar challenges and may have an insight into a solution that can be adapted to fit our clients’ unique challenges. We focus on the goals and objectives of a campaign. Often times, it can be easy to get caught up in the latest trend or newest technology, but that may not be the best solution to meet the objective. The flip side is sometimes the standard way of doing business isn’t meeting the demands of the customer.

But, my personal favorite: we listen to the data. What do the analytics tell us? At Symmetri, we try to be responsive and adapt, providing actionable recommendations based on the data to better meet our clients’ goals and objective.

With print marketing slowly declining (perhaps less so in B2B, granted), how do you see marketing focuses shifting? Has anything proven as reliable as print campaigns?

The funny thing is, I grew up in the digital age, so print marketing has never played a large role in my marketing repertoire. Granted, a solid brochure or sell-sheet is still a great leave-behind and go-to when a customer needs that reference, but I would definitely say that online/digital marketing will continue to grow as the audience grows. I think all customers, even in B2B, are using online tools to review and evaluate products and services. In my opinion, I see marketing shifting to a one-to-one online model. I think the personalization factor (beyond just putting someone’s name in an email) makes a huge statement. Using CRM systems to track a customer and understand their buying preferences and uses of a product or service allows companies to make a stronger connection with the customer.

I think online/digital marketing is a very reliable and, perhaps more importantly, trackable marketing tool. The great thing about digital is you can prove success, you can show ROI. Did your website meet your marketing goals? Did your email campaign drive visitors to your landing page? All of these great metrics help evaluate the reliability of your campaign, more so than a print ad or brochure can.

Some may not know what a phenomenal singer and dancer you are. Any chance your career will move in that direction? Have you ever sung for a client?

I am so glad you asked me this question! I expected my first musical interview would be with Rolling Stone magazine, but needless to say, I’m so happy I get to talk about my amazing singing and dancing skills. I personally feel that I’m ready to take it to the next step by launching a world tour. Unfortunately, I think my mother and I are the only ones who feel that way (and who am I kidding, my mom hasn’t complimented my singing skills since I was 4). Seriously, I do like to sing and dance, more because it makes people laugh and I’m usually the first person to make a fool of myself. But who knows? Maybe I’ll miraculously develop a beautiful voice, and I’ll be able to launch that world tour. Stay tuned.

And yes, the wonderful people at DENTSPLY Caulk have had the joy (or pain) of listening to my musical talents. In fact, I made such an impression, there’s even a YouTube video of the event. Check out the one (and hopefully only) video of my singing and dancing talents.