Q&A with Veronica Leshchinskaya, SEO Specialist: On the Value of SEO and What She Loves Most About Her Job

What is an SEO Specialist?

An SEO specialist is usually referred to as an SEO; an SEO works on making web pages more visible to search engines, often working on creating content that is meaningful and useful to the ideal page visitor. There is a misconception that SEOs optimize websites but we focus on individual pages within a given website. We use website analytics to learn about visitor behaviors, especially how visitors enter a site. Then we develop fresh, relevant content and then make structural changes along the way to improve the user experience.


How valuable is social sharing to SEO?

Depending on how something is shared, social sharing can do wonders for a page in terms of SEO. For example, say I write a blog post that’s relevant to my industry, which leads to my site visitors sharing my post on their social channels. They most likely will include a link back to my post, which increases the likelihood of new visits as well as someone referencing my post. So now we’ve opened opportunities for two things to happen: The first being an increase in traffic to my page, in turn increasing page popularity and increasing rank on search engines and second an increase in page credibility should other websites link to my blog. Linking is one of the most effective SEO tactics, and using social sharing is a great strategy to lure visitors to your great and useful content and get link-backs.


What do you think changed the most about SEO?

How SEO is implemented today has changed quite a lot. For example, meta-tags are virtually obsolete today, whereas in before optimized Meta tags were a must. The reality is that effortless SEO tactics (like simply putting a list of keywords in Meta tags) will be abused and will be less successful. SEO strategies will continue to change as search engine algorithms update, new topics or industries arise and new social platforms evolve.


What do you love most about your job?

I love problem solving! SEO allows me to use analytics to identify and solve websites weaknesses and performance issues. Implementing improvements then tracking your effort and adjusting your strategy until you get it right makes my job interesting and improves my critical thinking skills.