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Anna Greene

Director of Finance + Operations
Anna came to Symmetri to help ease our growing pains, streamline our operations, and foster the efficiency empowers our team to deliver decisive wins for our clients. She lives life in full color, enjoying the arts in all their variety. She has a special affinity for furniture design. She’s a huge fan of freight trains. If you’re offering cake, any kind, she’d love to take a slice or two off your hands. But despite all of her colorful interests, Anna says, “I enjoy working with numbers because they’re black and white. They measure success. They tell stories.”

Jada Cash

Creative Director
On paper, Jada is a Creative Director (copy-side, to be specific). But after nearly 20 years in the small-to-mid-sized-agency trenches, she’s played the role of strategic planner, media director, content strategist, PR person and even project manager. But no matter what role she’s tackling, she’s focused on marketing programs that marry aesthetic and work ethic. Special sauce and strategy. Magic and logic. And when she isn’t in marketing mode, she’s wearing one of her many other hats: mom, wife, chauffeur, short-order cook, cleaner, handyman …

Carl Triemstra


Everyone who joins Symmetri discovers on day one that Carl is a passionate guy. You can’t miss his drive, whether he’s cheering on the Michigan Wolverines or his own Symmetri team. Showing photos of his grandchildren or showing a new branding plan to a client. Singing in his choral group or singing out in the office halls, “Make it happen! Move the mouse!” Whatever the pursuit, the important thing is to go all in, all the way. Carl’s passion is infectious, and we’ve all caught it. That’s why we love delivering our best under his remarkable leadership.

Tom Smart

Associate Creative Director

Tom fell in love with the written word around the same time he started wrecking things to see how they work. Fortunately, he now limits himself to taking words apart – then throwing out the ones that aren’t working and putting the rest back together better than before. But he never lost his fascination for structure, tools and technology. That’s why he sees B2B marketing as a perfect fit. He gets to explore what engineers and other brilliant people do – then put words to work to help them do it better. All without breaking anything.

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Anna Vertii

Senior Art Director

Shane Sevo

VP, Technology Solutions
If Woody Allen, W. H. Auden, Kanye West, and David Hasselhoff met in a bar, Shane would invite them to join his book club in classic Rushmore style. Raised as an only child with never enough Legos, educated as a misplaced engineer, and finding his own in digital media, he’s as surprised as anyone at landing on a marketing career. Shane wages campaigns with the mantra, “Real artists ship,” constantly calling the publish button in his work. A Finnish lumberjack at heart, he’s always planning an escape into the woods of distant lands.

Mark Masseur

Principal, Executive Creative Director

Mark is a designer’s designer. His big-picture concepting and attention to every detail of execution influences virtually everything we create – whether or not he personally touched it. That’s because he’s also a mentor’s mentor. Count on Mark to ask the tough questions that get you thinking deeply about the project’s true aspirations. And your own. If your art and copy can work harder to uncover needs, deliver answers and inspire action, Mark will help you find the way.

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Laurie Markowski

Senior Project Manager
Fun, bold, loud and loyal to a fault. That’s how Laurie sees herself. Fun might involve grilling dinner on the beach after a day’s float with friends. Bold and loud might describe a tour of the countryside by motorcycle. But what is loyal to a fault? Her dogs certainly wouldn’t find fault with their daily playtime. The kids on her ice hockey team could never fault her passion for helping them grow in athleticism, teamwork and confidence. And her clients love her dedication to bringing their projects in on time, on budget, on target. Faultlessly.

Mike Speck

Creative Director
Being voted “most scientific” in grade school and studying Shakespeare in college made B2B copywriting an easy career choice for Mike. Every day, Mike gets to combine his deep curiosity of complex products and services with a love of big ideas, engaging storytelling and new brand experiences. Outside the office, he brings a similar wide-eyed approach to life as a tennis fanatic, an experienced martial artist and a truly awful southpaw guitar player. He even manages to read Shakespeare once in a while.

Adrian Van Stee

Media Specialist
It’s pretty uncommon to find Adrian without either his headphones or a camera in hand. Adrian has been playing around with cameras for as long as he can remember. His work as a freelance photographer and videographer started as a teenager and has only grown since. In the rare moments Adrian isn’t behind the camera, he’s likely honing his banjo skills or enjoying the lyric stylings of Taylor Swift. And he is the same way with those hobbies as he is with his work as our media specialist: focused, passionate, and in pursuit of excellence.

Ryan Mannion

EVP/Brand Strategy & Growth

As one of Symmetri’s founders, Ryan has done it all. Brand development. Business strategy. Beer procurement. He has a natural curiosity to understand how the world works, how people think and why they make certain decisions. And he will dig and dig until he finds the insights that lead to clear direction to guide our client's businesses and brands. Through it all, he’s developed ideas to make a difference. Ask him, and you’ll hear, “Make it real!” “Get to know people!” “Be helpful!” “Stand for something!” But you don’t really have to ask – just watch him work and see for yourself.

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Michael Melone

VP/Digital Marketing

Get curious and imagine the possibilities. Apply critical thinking to determine what can actually be achieved. Do the hard work of nailing down the basics. Then, and only then, plan how you’ll go big. That’s Mike’s process. It’s how he has approached everything from coaching a soccer team to its best-ever record, to winning in the crypto market, to mapping out his spot in Bora Bora or another paradise. And it’s why he’s so great at excavating the digital gold buried in client accounts. “If you think it can’t be done,” Michael says, “think again.”

Phill Tran

Team Lead of Development
For Phill, simplifying the online process is the easiest part of his life. Offline can be a little trickier, but just as rewarding. His day usually starts with his son waking him up around 5:00 a.m., and it ends after various trips to school clubs, church events, and sports activities. There isn’t much that Phill doesn’t do, except maybe sleep. But he’s ok with that, because he knows that raising a strong family will have a far-reaching impact. Even his hair has had an impact—he’s grown it out and donated it three times to charity.

Kelly O'Neil

Senior Project Manager
When you love to cook, it can take hours for the ingredients to come together in a perfect meal. When you love romantic comedies, you expect it will take weeks before the stars finally fall for each other. When you love Detroit sports teams, you might have to wait years to savor the big win. It’s all about the process, no matter how long it takes. And that’s the perspective Kelly brings to her digital projects. All the months of hard, detail-oriented work only make for a more satisfying payoff—a great user experience and a thrilled client.

Rodrigo Del Castillo

Director of Digital Design
Rod dreams of moving to Oaxaca and bringing the entire Symmetri crew with him. Not gonna happen, but we’re proud to offer clients his exceptional web design skills from any location. Rod is a full-stack designer—harmonizing the visual look, information architecture and user experience in a beautiful structure perfectly suited to each user’s needs. While his creative pursuits span cooking, art, photography and music, it’s no surprise that 10-year-old Rod always wanted to be an architect. Because for your website, that’s exactly what he is.

David Archuleta

Senior Drupal Developer
When David goes to the gym, he doesn’t listen to music. He listens to coding podcasts. He knows that’s not normal, but for him programming isn’t work so much as it is a passionate obsession. When others complain about their job, it takes a lot of discipline not to gloat about how lucky he is. And we’re lucky to have him. That’s why we reached all the way to Nicaragua to snag him, where he’s currently beachcombing, snorkeling, volcano-sliding and exploring the local culture with his wife. Coding, adventuring and coding some more—what a life!

Jessica Burnham

Sr. Art Director
Is there any better place than the solitude of a high alpine lake, far beyond the reach of cell service? Of course, it wouldn’t be so quiet and pristine if getting there were easy. Jess lives for hard effort and the rewards it brings — whether running up the trail, renovating her home, tackling a new novel or wrangling her five dogs. She brings the same joyful effort to creativity in the service of brand building — from the tiny subtleties of typography to the overarching vision of a video production.

Geraldo Ramos

Sr. Drupal Developer
A senior Drupal and front-end developer with 10 years of experience, Geraldo is both the smart and fun guy in the room. He's lived in Michigan his whole life, developing his passion for web development and today's latest technologies. Geraldo received an Associate's Degree of Applied Science from the ITT Technical Institute. His avatar in the Drupal community is Boris Karloff in the role of Frankenstein's monster. But we're not a-scared.