Meet your new customer.

Digital marketing is the lifeline to your customers. It’s essential to know them better than your competitors so you can communicate with them where, when and how they are most receptive to your unique message. To do that, you need a deeper understanding of customer preferences and expectations across all channels, including your website, social media, mobile, email, and display.

Symmetri starts by understanding business goals and marketing objectives. We then discover the target customer, how they consume media and where engagement occurs. This ensures that the strategy, budget and resources for a digital marketing plan are focused on creating meaningful interactions between your brand and your customers.

A Case Study

Selling packaging e-content.

Schawk’s Packaging e-Content Service message is simple, “Your digital packaging images better look as good on Amazon as they do on the supermarket shelf, because consumers care.” But how do you get that message to brand managers who don’t even know they have a problem? Simple. Use Digital Marketing.

b2b digital marketing 2

B2B Digital Marketing works. It’s affordable. It’s trackable. It’s tailorable. Schawk relies on it to “earn its way” with brand managers. By offering them white papers and writing blog posts about their packaging e-content issues, Schawk is able to provide answers to their questions. And by sharing that information on social media, it lets brand managers interact with it as they choose.

b2b digital marketing 3

A dedicated landing page brings focused attention to the issue - explaining the need to take control of the digital shelf. Information is gathered and tracked in a marketing automation database, and content is continually developed to keep the campaign fresh.

And the message is getting through to major CPG manufacturers. To date, 96% of contact form submissions have become leads.

b2b digital marketing 4