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Strategic Development
Our email campaign services begin with understanding your needs, identifying the best mix of manual and email automation deployments, and determining opportunities for driving engagement and converting leads.
Email Drip Campaigns
What’s the best way to nurture hot and cold leads simultaneously? A drip campaign is uniquely tailored to speak to contacts who are ready to convert as well as contacts who require additional context. The Symmetri team makes marketing automation recommendations based on your goals, then deploys the campaign to provide a personalized journey for your contacts while encouraging them to take the next step.
Contact Database Development and Maintenance
Building and maintaining a database of engaged users is critical to establishing a solid foundation for effective email marketing and automation. From strategic list-building recommendations to consistent list-scrubbing, we help you reach qualified contacts to drive meaningful interactions.
Content and Template Development
Developing emails that work across different devices and email providers is no easy feat. And the challenge doesn’t stop there. Emails today must not only render correctly, but must also be thoughtfully designed and accessible to all. With Symmetri as your email marketing agency, you can count on expertly optimized templates tailored to the needs of your business and the interests of your customers.
List Segmentation
Customers today demand a personalized experience. By building lists based on attributes such as behavior, customer personas and location, we can deliver personalized messaging right to their inbox. At Symmetri, targeted email marketing services are fundamental to the strategic development process and woven into all aspects of email marketing, from testing audiences to tailoring subject lines. Data-based list segmentation improves email performance by boosting sender authority and delivering messages with the greatest relevance for each recipient.

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