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Display Advertising Services
Visual display ads build brand awareness, whether served programmatically through a demand-side platform, featured natively on relevant industry sites, or presented as YouTube videos via the Google Display Network. Our display marketing services include developing awareness-focused copy with engaging imagery that sticks with users as they navigate the web, formatted in multiple sizes to fill any available advertising inventory.
Paid Social Media Services
With advanced targeting capabilities, we can reach users based on job title, industry, seniority, age, location, company name, interests and more. Our team manages paid social media marketing across LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter to drive engagement and website traffic. Paid social media advertising is also effective in nurturing leads through retargeting of website visitors, users who engaged with your brand on Facebook, or users who have watched your videos.
Display Remarketing Services
Remarketing ads follow up with users who have visited your website, ushering them from familiarity with your brand toward conversion. Display remarketing ads are served programmatically and can run through the Google Display Network and AdRoll. Symmetri creates personalized copy, eye-catching visuals and persuasive calls to action, and we optimize results through tactics such as audience segmentation based on site behavior, exclusion of already-converted users, and frequency-capping to avoid user burnout.
Paid Search Services
Paid search reaches users on Google, Bing and other search engines who are seeking information relevant to your business and offerings. Our paid search services include extensive keyword research mapped by match type, as well as targeting of in-market audiences and LinkedIn audiences to better reach qualified prospects. Paid search campaigns are generally appropriate for bottom-funnel marketing; however, our team can also apply a more holistic approach to help you better understand your target audience and how they search for your brand’s offerings.

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Dentists love a challenge. Or should we say a “Dare?”

case study

Dentists need to take control of their most common procedure. Our solution was the solution.

case study

Dentists will be glued to their screens learning about Calibra Cements.