Listening and speaking.

Symmetri starts by researching the social spheres your customers occupy. This information helps influence a customized strategy tailored towards using social media as a means to meet business goals and marketing needs. Symmetri defines channel, communication and engagement tactics that are most appropriate for your target audience. We then actively listen and participate on your behalf. From Facebook and Twitter to LinkedIn and Pinterest, we use these spheres to build awareness, develop relationships, generate leads, and drive sales. All this leads to tangible results for your business.

A case study

Dentists are very social.

Today, with a strong focus on Facebook and YouTube, DENTSPLY Caulk knows that social marketing is indispensable for driving interest, engaging dentists, and growing the business. In less than one year, its Facebook fans grew from 1,400 to over 8,000, and its Facebook page consistently garners 1,000 likes per month. And more tellingly, social channels have proven to be very cost-effective in getting dentists to sample and demo new products, a critical step in the path to purchase. 

What are the keys to DENTSPLY Caulk’s successful social channels? Meaningful content. Agile community management. Carefully targeted paid support.

Dentists and their support staffs are intent on enhancing clinical effectiveness and efficiency. The content they seek includes radiographs, procedural tips and techniques, videos, case studies and more. With DENTSPLY Caulk, we strategize, plan and develop this content to meet month-over-month engagement goals and to have a measurable impact on leads, sales and share.

This carefully curated social presence extends the reach of DENTSPLY Caulk’s sales organization by motivating dentists to engage, learn, share their comments, and request samples and demos. DENTSPLY Caulk also uses social media to drive traffic to its product microsites, further converting dentists into leads. On Facebook, this process is closely tracked using Facebook conversion pixels.