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Creating a New Powerhouse

SGK, Inc. is a global leader in pre-media deployment services. Through acquisition, they became stronger. And more diverse. In turn, their brand didn’t reflect their full capabilities and potential. We helped clarify and define a new brand position, supported by a brand architecture and a new master brand identity – SGK.

Keeping It Real With Architects

Architects have vision. They live in a world where ideas win. But the process of bringing vision and ideas to life is complex. No one knows this better than Mitsubishi. Which is why they will advocate for that vision, fulfilling the architect’s aspirations and expectations without ever sacrificing quality of their exterior cladding material, ALPOLIC. To communicate this, we constructed brand interactions that connected with architects emotionally, technically and socially.

Dentists Play Truth or Dare, Too

Hesitant to change, dentists become pretty loyal to the products they trust. So when DENTSPLY Caulk asked us to help them introduce a new dental composite, we had to step it up. We dared dentists to a blind composite challenge by calling out the truth about dentists’ and their current composites. The results were staggering.