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Dentists love a challenge. Or should we say a “Dare?”
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Dentsply Sirona Restorative asked Symmetri to help launch a new restorative composite in an extremely competitive category at the largest dental show of the year. While dentists are notoriously apathetic about the type of composite they use, they rely on predictability and consistency from their tools. Getting them to try something new presented a challenge.




When dentists are asked to work with their current composite alongside TPH Spectra, they choose TPH Spectra about 60% of the time. The Truth or Dare Challenge provokes dentists to put this statistic into action themselves by taking the challenge. To drive traffic and additional leads to sales reps, Symmetri launched a multi-channel campaign.




Getting to meaningful interactions.
While incredibly simple, the Truth or Dare challenge is an emotive ask. A self-led challenge kit resulted in surprising results for many doctors. This “surprise” emotion combined with a straightforward thought (we can quickly prove you’re not using the best product) garnered impressive results.

As an unbudgeted US launch, retail performance contributed:

Over $2.0 million in incremental revenue for the first year in market

More than 17,000 offices are now purchasing TPH on a rolling 12-month average

A gain of 1.1 market share points during the first six months

Three times increase in market share – and growing