The power of arresting information.

Symmetri’s approach to content creation begins with a deep knowledge of your customers. This requires understanding many variables. The decision-making process. Who's involved. Roles and responsibilities. And where value is placed throughout. This knowledge allows us to determine the most appropriate content type and topics.

But we know budgets are limitless. Prioritization occurs based on an understanding of business priorities, communications challenges and industry conversations. From there, we are able to create targeted, compelling content for each desired interaction. As a result, your customers are exposed to content that was tailored precisely for them.


A Case Study

Multiple stories. Multiple audiences.

When Videojet introduced next-generation features into its industry-leading inkjet printers, it needed to educate prospects and customers on the new availability and code assurance capabilities and what these printers mean to the bottom line. We were there to create the content.

content development 1

Symmetri experts gathered input from Videojet experts and turned very technical information into digestible and relevant content in the forms of whitepapers, sales collateral and videos all conveniently accessed on the homepage of the product website. And printed for their sales force to use in person. All based on the unique truth: “Designed for your goals. Built for your reality.”

content development 2

All of this became share-worthy social media content. Relevant statistics and findings became separate tweets and Facebook posts. Videos were uploaded to Videojet’s YouTube Channel. And the information was summarized in a series of emails offering this content for download.