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The FDA changed the nutrition labelling rules, Schawk was there to help.
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When the FDA's new Nutrition Facts Label update was announced, consumer packaged goods companies were looking at a huge job on an expedited timeline. It could affect the design of the package and, in some cases, could change the product all together. Schawk and SGK’s brands needed to be positioned as a trusted business partner to prepare for, produce assets and protect brand equity for compliance.


We created a content hub that would contain compliance information, frequently asked questions, insights and a preparedness app to help businesses understand and meet these vital regulations. We then used dynamic, “Multiple CTA” display advertising to drive users to specific elements within the hub.

Getting to meaningful interactions.
By getting ahead of the FDA announcement for the new label change, we anticipated the needs of marketers and put Schawk in an advantageous position to create an ownership position within this space.

Within the first six-month period we received engagement from several Fortune 500 companies including General Mills, Coca-Cola and Campbell Soup.

Results also included:
8,638 visits, 85% new
228 preparedness-tool submit clicks
993 social profile visits
19 contact us leads