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The University of Michigan needed a better way to fast track funding for key opportunities for their great ideas. MCubed web portal serves as the central marketplace web application for collaborators to discover, track and fund projects. Tracking thousands of collaborators and hundreds of projects required a robust platform with robust security and room to grow.



To facilitate real-time seed funding to multi-unit, faculty-led teams from at least two different campus units, Symmetri developed a full-featured community fund-management portal for the MCubed program with Drupal. A new responsive web application serves marketing audiences as well as the heavy lifting of managing the MCubed research funding system.

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MCubed 2.0 was launched using Drupal 7 with a master plan for phased growth into the 3.0 national model using Drupal 8. The 2.0 website was built using advanced workflows and custom modules to replicate the MCubed funding policies into software logic. Content, projects, and user data was migrated into the new system and now, U-M faculty can collaborate online, research project briefs, review their funding status and activate "Cubed" projects for funding.
By the close of the 2016 MCubed funding cycle, nearly 500 projects had been launched on the platform. This represents $60 million worth of investment in new projects ranging from public health exercise programs to infrared-powered neural implants. The MCubed staff received the President’s Staff Innovation Team Award for developing and implementing best practices and adding new features that make MCubed more responsive and inclusive.