Big data. Big direction.

Looking at channel data without context does little for understanding the complete marketing mix and its effectiveness. Symmetri collects data from sources including Google Analytics, paid media metrics, SEO tracking platforms, marketing automation technology, and Salesforce, and combines results into a digestible report. This helps you turn results into insights that enable us to move forward with program improvements that deliver greater value to your business.

A Case Study

The results are in.

BLUE is a software package designed to streamline brands’ global graphics process management. Through monitoring organic impression volume, ranking data, and visitor quality metrics, Symmetri was able to identify the content that ranks and delivers the most qualified users to the website. An analysis of front end metrics such as clicks, click-through-rate, and cost-per-click helped us prioritize media categories that deliver the most efficient traffic to the site and contribute to the relevant pool of visitors eligible for remarketing. Evaluating the marketing efforts that contribute leads allowed us to differentiate lead types, as well as the messaging that drives stronger downloads and contact requests.

Symmetri delivers reporting that shows you exactly how your marketing efforts are performing.

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