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It’s OK to be a Pen Snob

I love that time of month when it’s time to order office supplies. I start to get a flurry of emails requesting various items and often times, many of the requests are for specific—very...

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Q&A with Assoc. Creative Dir. Ken Martino: Know Your Audience, Speak Their Language

Ken Martino joined Symmetri on October 10 as the new Associate Creative Director for Copy. He has B2B experience across all types of media – from brand advertising to web, video, radio and more....

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Q&A with Copywriter Tom Smart: His Biggest Writing Achievement & Long Night with a Serbian Police Officer

How did your career in writing lead you to work for a small B2B agency? Was it something you had planned on or just fell into?

It’s been a combination of small companies and falling into things. I...

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5 Reasons Why Engineers Should Love Social Media

A recent survey of engineers in EE Times (September 7, 2012) reported that approximately 70% of respondents use social media in some way, but 28% do not use social media at all. It also reports...

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Viewpoint: Why Apple Had To Release Its Terrible Maps App Now

Recently, Apple released its Maps app, to much criticism. More recently, Forbes wrote an article on “Why Apple Had to Release Its Terrible Maps App Now.” 

Now, our Technology Manager gives his...

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Nokia Weighs Headquarters Sale: What It Means

Nokia has 5 years left.

Nokia recently announced that they are considering selling their headquarters in Finland and leasing it back.

This practice was widely used to shore-up cash for fast...

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Q&A with Allison Veen: Account Coordinator, Softball Player, Lentil Lover

Tell me a little bit about yourself and what you do outside of the Symmetri Office.

When you don’t see Allison hard at work in the Symmetri office, she can be found exploring the city of Chicago....

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6 pt Paragraph Spacing: It’s Critical To Client Relationships!

I’m particular. Some call it anal. But I prefer particular. I blame many people for this. In order: my father, my mother, my first CEO, and Mark Masseur.

My father is the most organized person on...

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